Presentation Abstracts

Regular Sessions

Session 1-1: Flood Risk Management

Session 1-2: Human Behavior, Risk Perception & Disaster Risk Reduction

Session 2-1: Disaster Education

Session 3-1: Sustainable Development & Disaster Risk Reduction

Session 3-2: Disaster Risk Reduction Tools & Techniques

Session 3-3: Understanding Local Issues of Disaster Risk Reduction

Session 3-4: Addressing Interconnections, Chain Effects / Cascading Disasters

Session 3-5: Institutional Impacts and International Cooperation

Session 4-1: Current Issues & Actions in Flood Risk Managemeent

Session 4-2: Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction

Session 4-3: Economics of Disaster

Session 4-4: Issues in and Mechanisms for Epidemic Disease Management

Session 5-1: Hazards, Exposure & Vulnerability

Session 5-2: Implementation Science

Session 5-3: Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Session 6-1: New Insights based on Disaster Econometrics

Session 6-2: Disaster Recovery and Build Back Better

Session 6-3: Culture / Society & Disaster Risks

Session 6-4: Disaster Risk Governance

Session 7-1: Social Learning & Collaborative Risk Management

Special Sessions

Special Session 1: DRR Innovation, Planning, & Implementation

Special Session 2: How to Identify the Structure of Cascading Effects & Develop Scenarios Toward Effective Emergency Management?

Special Session 3: Gender Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Disaster Risk Science & Practice: A Networking Session

Special Session 4: New Advances in Measuring, Modelling & Managing Systemic Risks

Special Session 5: Making Resilience Measures Innovative based on Infrastructure Resilience Framework

Special Session 6: Economic Analyses of Risk Reduction, Recovery Policies and Growth

Special Session 7: Building Resilient Urban Communities (BReUCom): Case studies from India

Special Session 8: Participatory Research in Humanities and Social Sciences - An Initiative to open up IDRiM Transdisciplinary Dialogue -

Special Session 9: Mobile Public Alert and Warning in the United States and Japan: Exploring Shared Challenges and Key Differences

Special Session 10: Integrated Natural Disaster Risk in the Highly-Elevated Areas: Chain Effects/Cascading Events in a Changing Climate

Special Session 11: SMEs and DRR- Lessons from Covid 19 Pandemic

Special Session 12: What is the Role of Young Scientists in Making the IDRiM Society Progress?

Special Session 13: Empirical-tested Resilience Approaches

Special Session 14: Comprehensive Natech Risk Management

Special Session 15: Health Emergency & Disaster Risk Management and COVID-19

Young Scientist Session

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Room 2

Room 3

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